About Full Disclosure

Who Targets Me has tracked digital political campaigns since 2017.

Full Disclosure is our new newsletter monitoring digital campaigns in the run up to the UK election in (most likely) 2024.

Each issue brings together our work as researchers, policy experts, software engineers and past campaign practitioners to explain what we’re seeing from parties, candidates and others on the internet. What will it mean for 2024? Sign up and find out.

But that’s not all Who Targets Me does, alongside this newsletter, we also operate:

  • A browser extension, that helps you track the ads you’re targeted with on Facebook.

  • Tools and datasets that provide common infrastructure for any organisation tracking political advertising online

  • A blog, where we keep an archive of our research and policy thinking.

  • A consulting practice, where we help campaigners, academics, regulators and more develop transparency policies and practices, as well as tools and research to better understand the impact of technology on politics and elections.

Feel free to get in touch if you’ve any questions or interest in our work.

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Tracking political advertising on the internet since 2017.